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Canterbury Outboard Boating Club Home Page

Welcome to the web site of the Canterbury Outboard Boating Club (COBC). The COBC is a local club who promote and organise boating events for approximatly eighty families.

If you have a boat and are wanting to use it more, or perhaps are newer to boating and looking to venture out in a group and gain experience, or looking to meet other families to spend a day on the water, you should contact us to find out more about the Canterbury Outboard Boating Club (COBC).

If you would like to join the club now, just fill out the online form on the Membership Application page.

 Like boating? Join us there is something for everyone!

New Members welcome. No matter what your boating interests are COBC has something for everyone!

  • An emphasis on water safety and ongoing training
  • Full family involvement
  • Plenty of fun for the kids
  • FREE use of club equipment
  • Waterskiing and towable watersports
  • Fishing competitions and trophies
  • Boat cruisies
  • Day trips and off the water events
  • Weekend trips away
  • Safety in numbers
  • All boat types and ages
  • Annual subs just $75 per year
  • Based in Christchurch, New Zealand